Visual Composer

This theme star – Visual composer! Award winning WordPress plugin which helps you to build complex layouts within minutes and without touching any code.

It comes with built in content modules – Tabs, Gallery, Columns, Social buttons, Call to action box, Message box, FAQ, Teaser grid. Visual Composer video demo.

[vc_button title=”Ready to buy?” href=”” color=”btn-success” size=”wpb_regularsize” icon=”wpb_arrow” target=”_blank” width=”1/1″ el_position=”first last”]


[vc_toggle title=”Is it WordPress 3.2 ready?” open=”false” width=”1/1″ el_position=”first last”]

Yes, it is!

[/vc_toggle] [vc_toggle title=”Do I need to know HTML/JS/PHP to work with the theme?” open=”false” width=”1/1″ el_position=”first last”]

No, there’s no need in that. You can build layouts using only your mouse with intuitive drag-n-drop interface.

[/vc_toggle] [vc_toggle title=”Do you have help documentation?” open=”false” width=”1/1″ el_position=”first last”]

Yes, Architectos comes with documentation file, which contains of text, images and video tutorials.

[/vc_toggle] [vc_toggle title=”Can I import demo content?” open=”false” width=”1/1″ el_position=”first last”]

Yes, you can use the xml file to import sample date into the theme.


One-third Columns with content


jQuery powered galleries. Add content block to the page with your mouse and then select images that should be rotated in the gallery. Simple as that!

[vc_tabs interval=”0″ width=”1/3″] [vc_tab title=”Tab 1″ tab_id=”1343208240124-5″]

Add tabs to the layout as many as you need. Tabs content have same-familiar WYSIWYG editor (TinyMCE), so you should be up and running in no time at all!

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[/vc_tab] [vc_tab title=”Tab 2″ tab_id=”1343208240125-2″]

I am text block. Click edit button to change this text.

[/vc_tab] [/vc_tabs]
[vc_message color=”alert-info” width=”1/1″ el_position=”first last”]

I am message box. Click edit button to change this text.

[/vc_message] [vc_message color=”alert-success” width=”1/1″ el_position=”first last”]

I am success message box.


Message box

Use them to notify your visitors about something important. Choose from 3 message styles: Success, Information, Warning.

[vc_cta_button title=”Ready to buy?” href=”” color=”btn-primary” size=”wpb_regularsize” icon=”wpb_battery” target=”_self” position=”cta_align_right” call_text=”This is example of a Call to action block. Use it when you need to attract user attention.” width=”1/1″ el_position=”first last”]


This are just a basic set of content elements that are available in Architectos theme. Remember – only the sky is the limit! With a little of imagination you can achieve a lot more then with regular [shortcodes].

[vc_twitter title=”Twitter block” twitter_name=”envato” tweets_count=”2″ width=”2/3″ el_position=”last”]